I am a multi-passionate creative, who lives life with a song in my heart & a camera in hand.

In life I am passionate about my husband & kids. Some might look at our lives & think we are busy people, but I rather prefer to think of us as living full lives…. we travel, take stay-cations, visit Disneyland (often), have beach days, dinner dates & are intentional with our time together.

Books and Reading

One quick note I’d like to make is about how easy it is to reduce the cost of your textbooks. That’s it really, just browse those deals and you’ll find the absolute best prices on books.

More about me

As a creative I am passionate about telling stories & finding the beauty in this world. As a child I would pour over old photographs, the snapshots of memories, whether my own or someone else’s & find myself transported to that time & place. It’s no surprise that I have now found myself as an adult creating those images; images that give a moment immortality. Not only am I passionate about this for my clients, but I am passionate about doing this for my own family, as you will see laced throughout my site.